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Every year, thousands of lives are saved and improved because of organ and tissue donations and transplants. While each transplant is a story of joy and new hope, it is also often the story of grieving and loss. A miracle juxtaposed  against a tragedy. It is not only the story of the recipient but the donor.  The Gifts of Life video podcast peers into both sides of the transplant story.


This video podcast is an extended conversation between John Dickhout, who received a heart transplant in 2016, and Rick Prashaw whose son, Adam, saved four lives being an organ donor.

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John Dickhout

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John Dickhout was Director of Organizational Development for Transom Philippines when heart failure left him in need of transplant. At the time John was listed, he penned a “Post-transplant goals / to-do list” which included, among other things, to “get an agent, and act professionally.”

In early 2016, John received his gift of life and a year and a half later he took a big step to keeping that to-do list promise when he signed on with Newton-Landry Management in Toronto. Since then, John has appeared on stages across Canada and had principal roles on several TV series including Fear Thy Neighbor, See No Evil, Disasters at Sea, Bizarre Murders, The Dictators Playbook, Untold Stories of the ER and Hotel Paranormal.

Rick Prashaw

Rick Prashaw is an author and public speaker who has had an diverse career in journalism, the priesthood, national non-government organization (NGO) leadership, and federal politics. 

Rick's book, Soar, Adam, Soar,  shares the story of his son's life, which was tragically cut short by a terrible accident. Rick tells the story alongside Adam, who left behind a trove of social media posts.

Rick's Offical Page

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