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“Coming out, Coming in, Coming home”

Adam Prashaw’s life was full of surprises, from the moment he was born. Assigned female at birth, and with parents who had been expecting a boy, he spent years living as “Rebecca Danielle Adam Prashaw”, before coming to terms with being a transgender man. Adam captured hearts with his humour, compassion and intensity. After a tragic accident cut his life short, he left a legacy of changed lives and a trove of social media posts documenting his life, relationships, transition and struggles with epilepsy, all with remarkable transparency and directness.

In Soar, Adam, Soar, his father, a former priest, retells Adam’s story alongside his son’s own words. From early childhood through first coming out as a lesbian and then as a man, and his battles with epilepsy and refusal to give in, it chronicles Adam’s desire to define himself, his joyful spirit and his love of life which continues to conquer all. 

Honouring a decision Adam made at 16, four of his organs are donated to save other lives. In a remarkable twist, the brave young man’s great heart was given to another man and another great heart, John Dickhout, who made himself known to Adam’s family and became one of many of the living proofs of Adam’s continued presence as a teacher, a guide, and an inspiration.

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