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"Father Rick" Sales, Tour, and Ukraine

Book cover: Ricky saying mass in London, ON. The Lone Ranger watching over me

Today marks a month since Friesen Press published my second memoir, Father Rick, Roamin' Catholic. Here's news on how well the book is doing, where to get it, and dates for the first three live Author readings and signings. And a bit of gossip. I'm excited!

Sales: What's the Fuss? Tell me what's a happening

Friesen Press tells me I am still on their Top 10 bestsellers. 1st week #1. 2nd week #4. 3rd week #6. This week #8. You see where this is going? Fifteen minutes of Warhol fame are about up, LOL. Thanks for buying!

The memoir is available at Friesen's bookstore. (Paperback, e-book, hard cover)

Perfect Books in Ottawa, Another Story in Toronto, Picton's Books & Company, and Kingston's Novel Idea will order the book for you. Ask your favourite indie, Indigo, Coles, and Barnes & Noble store. I am working on consignment deals for Coles in North Bay, Indigo stores in Sudbury and Ottawa, among others.

Amazon Canada sells all editions here. So does Amazon USA and Amazon UK. Let me know if you have any trouble or issues with ordering.

2. Tour

I may get all my tour cities on a single t-shirt this time as I do not intend to replicate the 35-city Soar, Adam, Soar marathon. I am super excited to get on the road and "live" in front of audiences again. Here's 3 events for April.

Ottawa: Tuesday, April 19th, 6:30 p.m.: Venue to be confirmed.

North Bay, Saturday, April 23, 2:00 p.m.: Average Joe's Eatery & Patio Bar

Sudbury, Sunday, April 24th, 2:00 p.m.: Twiggs Coffee Roasters

I"ll set up this website and Facebook Event Invites so be sure to "Like" the Rick Prashaw Author Page. Would you tell family and friends in those three communities?

I will announce other events soon in places like Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake, Collingwood, Picton County, London, Brantford-Paris, Welland etc. My heart longs for Mabou, Cape Breton too. (I am open to any invitation from book clubs for a Zoom online visit)

3. Ukraine

Like many of you, my heart breaks for the people of the Ukraine reeling from the invasion by Russia. I cry at most CBC News interviews with fleeing refugees, 1.5 million and rising, especially the moms with fearful children close beside them. For me and others, it's prayers, sanctions, solidarity with the magnificent President Zelensky, and money to reliable Ukraine-veteran organizations.

A publisher once told me February is a great month for a book release in Canada. Winter curl up reading time. He may not have factored in a pandemic, Olympics, Ottawa occupation, and a Russian invasion of Ukraine. It's been tough, but my tough is OK. The grief with most of the other news is not.

4. Libraries:

Donating Soar, Adam, Soar book to curator of San Miguel de Allende library in Mexico

I am full of gratitude for so many who suggested Soar, Adam, Soar for their library. I was shocked this week opening a great cheque from the Public Lending Rights Commission (Canada Council for the Arts) as compensation for the presence of my Soar, Adam, Soar paperback and now audiobook in libraries. Yes, I am registering the new book and sending 100 flyers to libraries this week. (My letter today says 18,139 authors were paid $14.9 million for 2021). I appreciate your suggesting both books for your local library.

5. Gossip:

I saw this Catholic Media Awards for new books and checked it out. I would have to join this USA group and they also demand a referral letter from my local Catholic pastor. Oh well. I suppose one from God doesn't count.

Bless me, Father.

Keep the faith, my friends! Spring, birds, flowers, and patios are coming soon!

Pleass feel free to share this news via Facebook, emails, and word of mouth.




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