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Praise for Father Rick, Roamin' Catholic

A few minor glitches in design are delaying my announcing pre-order and release dates for Father Rick, Roamin' Catholic. Just a little bit longer, my friends.

I am humbled by the (Advance Copy) reviews below from these authors, activists, and influencers, some of whom you may know or recognize. Charlie J. Angus Bill Blaikie Éric Hébert-Daly Teresa de Grosbois Joan Grundy, Sister Margo Ritchie, and Father Sam Restivo.. All the reviews will be on the front inside cover pages with Charlie's and Teresa's also being on the cover. I appreciate4 your sharing this post and news with your friends, as I imagine you may know Catholics, or those curious about the Catholic faith, especially knowing my memoir embraces many kinds---practising, devout, recovering, resigned, lapsed, cafeteria, progressives, and conservatives. If you have not done so, you can sign up on the web site pop up form here,, to receive free the first three chapters and later news on pre-orders and discounts. #faithmemoir #religion #politics #Christian #Catholic #religion

In the memoir.Rick tells his Father Rick and father to Adam story to his niece, Claire, bridigng two generations where religious attendance and affiliation declined

Praise for Father Rick, Roamin’ Catholic “The next Frank McCourt! Rick Prashaw is one of the most engaging, passionate and entertaining writers we have yet seen this millennium! A must-read book!" - Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International Best-selling author of Mass Influence - The Habits of the Highly Influential

“Are there times in the hectic chaos of life that you stop and wonder what happened to your faith, your community and the Church that seems so determined to break your heart? If you don't have answers, don't worry. Rick Prashaw guides us through the troubles and on to hope, to a big God, our work for justice, beginning with real reconciliation with Indigenous People." - Charlie Angus, MP, Author, Musician

“Rick’s book is a testimony of hope in its assertion that faith can sustain life’s most tumultuous offerings. His writing is about the foundational belief that there is room for everyone’s story, without judgement or exclusion; he’s a light to be trusted leading us forward.” - Joan Grundy, Author, “A Deepening Life”

“fast-paced, full of humour, irreverence, and deep humanity. Rick is large-hearted, drawn to the places of fracture in search of wholeness. He has learned and honed the capacity to hold so much together that could naturally pull us apart.” - Sister Margo Ritchie, Congregational Leader, Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada

Ordination May 9, 1980

“Your writing invited me to keep reading, not polarized but your honest and sincere purpose to understand and appreciate the complexities of a system that allowed such trauma to take place in the lives of children and adolescents, the negative impact on the faithful and mistrust in the institution that publicly professed gospel values.” - Father Sam Restivo, Congregation of the Resurrection, chaplain, counselor

“Rick’s story is powerful, deeply personal and beautiful, full of insights that connect to our own stories. I related to his stories as one who grew up Roman Catholic. It’s for all who struggle with the unquestioning faith many of us were taught, to the enduring call to service and empathy, as well as to the priesthood of all believers as well as non-believers.” - Reverend Éric Hébert-Daly, United Church of Canada, former Federal Secretary, New Democratic Party of Canada

Rick and NDP leader Jack Layton. 2004 candidate photo. There are politics and social justice stories in this faith memoir

“Rick Prashaw has gifted us with a memoir that insightfully chronicles his life encounter and engagement with Roman Catholicism, with the intersection of faith and politics, with marriage, parenting, and gender, and with grief. A must read for all who may have had similar struggles. In a time when religion is predominantly characterized in the media as a conservative force, there is a need to emphasize that there are faith-informed progressive perspectives on issues which too often are dealt with as if there is only a debate between faith and non-faith. Questions of peace and war, the economy and the environment are also moral issues that can be informed by faith.” - Bill Blaikie, former MP, MLA, United Church Minister

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