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Nova Scotia Reverse Onus on Organ Donation a "No brainer"

Michael Enright is reading on The Sunday Edition this morning my letter on Nova Scotia's new opt out law for organ donation. It is during the third hour. Enright cheered the change last week. Here is my letter

The Sunday Edition.

Rick Prashaw in Ottawa, sent us this note:

"On a January weekend in 2016, our son Adam drowned. He was 22.

“When Adam's driver's licence arrived in the mail when he was 16, he had asked about the organ donation box.

“When his Mom explained what he could do if he did not survive an accident, he gave his unequivocal ‘yes,’ to help anyone.

“There was no hesitation. And there would be no hesitation from us. His goodness and courage saw us through that awful night.

“It was the easiest decision to be made on the hardest weekend of our lives.

“Adam saved four lives, including that of a heart recipient who, after an exchange of anonymous letters, cleverly figured out our identity and has become a close friend.

“I shudder to think that if we had buried or cremated Adam's organs, John might have been one of the too many people who die while on an organ waitlist.

“That Adam was a registered donor and told us his wishes, made this miracle possible.

“As a former Catholic priest, I know that in the Judeo-Christian tradition -- and almost all religions -- organ donation as a gift of life is considered an act of faith.

“Nova Scotia's reverse onus law to have everyone be a potential organ donor, unless they opt out, is the right decision.

“I now do organ donor advocacy work, and I seldom hear that people don't register for religious or philosophical reasons.

“It has far more to do with denying death, or the fast pace of life that mixes up priorities.

“We can line up all night for a new phone, but not take 2 minutes online at "" to save up to 8 lives.

“In Adam's vernacular, Nova Scotia's new law is a no brainer."

That's from Rick Prashaw in Ottawa.

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