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Breaking News: Father Rick Roamin' Catholic is published!

It's a book!

This proud father announces the birth of his 2nd book, Father Rick, Roamin' Catholic., published today by Friesen Press.

You can order it there or wait a few weeks as Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and ebook readers populate it on their sites. Or, ask your favourite bookstore to order it. The Friesen store gives me the best royalties but any order anywhere is appreciated!

Pro-Cathedral, North Bay. Many Northern Ontario stories told

Millions of Catholics know and lived these stories I tell in my faith memoir first to

a niece who represents a younger generation and part of the fastest growing religious group in North America, people with no religious affiliation. I remember too the many still believing and in churches, temples or synagogues each week. I spare little mercy for the hard truths on abuse, residential schools, a second-class citizenship for women, and a judgment of LGBTQ+ folk. But, equally, I celebrate the many good people, good deeds, and miracles present in faith communities. If you are Catholic, Roman oir Roamin', or descendants of them, or curious about the Catholic Church, and the life of priests, this book is for you.

Praise for Father Rick, Roamin’ Catholic

“The next Frank McCourt! A must-read book!" - Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International Best-selling author of Mass Influence - The Habits of the Highly Influential

“ Rick Prashaw guides us through the troubles and on to hope, to a big God, our work for justice, beginning with real reconciliation with Indigenous People." - Charlie Angus, MP, Author, Musician

Dick and Gert Prashaw, lion tamers in our Prashaw "Catholic Cuckoo's Nest"

“Rick’s writing is about the foundational belief that there is room for everyone’s story, without judgement or exclusion; he’s a light to be trusted leading us forward.” - Joan Grundy, Author, “A Deepening Life”

“fast-paced, full of humour, irreverence, and deep humanity. Rick is large-hearted, drawn to the places of fracture in search of wholeness. ” - Sister Margo Ritchie, Congregational Leader, Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada

“Your writing invited me to keep reading, not polarized but your honest and sincere purpose to understand and appreciate the complexities of a system that allowed such trauma to take place in the lives of children and adolescents, the negative impact on the faithful and mistrust in the institution that publicly professed gospel values.” - Father Sam Restivo, Congregation of the Resurrection, chaplain, counselor

“In a time when religion is predominantly characterized in the media as a conservative force, there is a need to emphasize that there are faith-informed progressive perspectives on issues which too often are dealt with as if there is only a debate between faith and non-faith. Questions of peace and war, the economy and the environment are also moral issues that can be informed by faith.” - Bill Blaikie, former MP, MLA, Uni

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